Importance Of Correct Formatting In Emails And Other Communication

Have you ever received an email and the mere thought of reading it gave you a headache? The fact that a single glance at the email leads to such a reaction already undermines the delivery of the message contained therein. Therefore, an important point could be missed or dismissed altogether leading to loss of business or investors. In most cases, people and companies focus on the content and forget about the formatting which is counterproductive. If you are using Automated email marketing software to communicate with your stakeholders, it is important to pay special attention to the format for the following reasons. 

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Stakeholders are different

Employees, suppliers, clients, partners and investors have different interests in the business or company. Therefore, what interests them in an email or any message for that matter is different. For example, a client is interested in understanding how the products offered are beneficial to them while an employee is interested in finding out what improved business means for their bottom line. While a generic format might deliver the message, a specialised template drives the point home and elicits feedback from the stakeholders.  For this reason, it is important to ensure that the stakeholders you are communicating with identify with the format of the email in addition to the message.

Availability of options

Unlike in prior periods where the range of templates was limited, the changing technology has increased the options available to businesses and individuals. Besides this, businesses can develop custom templates for their own Email Marketing campaigns. Customisation covers the font used, the colours incorporated in the email, the use of taglines and logos, incorporation of photos and diagrams and so on. A company that has not explored this, is underestimating the power of correct email formats.


Text versus PDF

The use of text in organisations is mostly limited to internal documents that are still under preparation. For documents that will be shared externally, PDF ensures that information and the company is protected against misrepresentation as a result of alterations. This prevents unnecessary legal suits and prevents the unauthorised use of proprietary items and information contained in the documents. All documents attached to emails targeting external stakeholders should therefore be in PDF format or protected text. If there are sections that need to be edited by the stakeholders involved, the specific sections could be editable while the rest of the text is protected. 

Effective communication is a prerequisite in every organisation and is one of the keys to business prosperity. It is therefore paramount for every business to master the art of effective communication both for its internal and external stakeholders. It is also important to have a skilled and experienced communication expert to guide the transformation in effective communication.